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The school holidays are almost here! In fact, they will be by the time I post this. My middle son is going up to a new school and my oldest son is moving from year 3 to year 4. My daughter has been enquiring about getting a “big bed” for a while now, so with all the transition that’s going on it felt like the right time to move her out of her cot (and my room!), and into something more independent.

Getting her set up in her new room was my main goal this weekend. On Saturday morning I drove over to Ikea and found a simple pine bed I really liked for £45, along with a spring mattress for £100.

Both of the boys went straight from their cots to an adult single bed, so for the third time we have skipped the whole toddler bed market. This has saved a lot of money and time in beds, bedding and set-up/take-down.

Putting the bed together was straightforward, and I was really pleased with it once it was built. I also bought two sets of bedding, two sheets, and a new pillow and duvet, so now all three children have a set for the bed and a spare set.

bed from Ikea simple childrens bedroom

First Night

My daughter loves her new bed. I wasn’t sure how well her first night would go – she slept with me for the first 5 months, and she’s been in the cot in my room almost all the time since then (she’s now 2 years 9 months). She’s also not a great sleeper, so I was a little worried about it.

However, she did fine, going down at about 9pm (90 minutes later than usual). She cried twice in the night and I went in to settle her, then she came in to see me the next morning at about 06:45.

simple childs bedroom

It doesn’t feel like as big a milestone as it did with the boys, possibly because I’m enjoying leaving the baby phase behind at long last, but maybe because the third time around I just haven’t analysed it as much – you know how it is when you’re a new mum:

Is she ready? Is it too soon? Shall I wait longer? What are other mums doing?

I don’t think so much about it all now, which I guess is the result of experience (or perhaps because I just don’t have the time).

Having done the first night, it means I can now sell the cot, and recycle all the old cot bedding that has seen my three babies grow up. And I finally get some space back in my room, hurrah!

Pea Shoots

A couple of weeks ago I found an amazing new blog called Vertical Veg, which is all about growing food in containers. We have a tiny garden, so I jumped in and subscribed for updates. The first email I received contained a video about growing pea shoots at home for stir frys and salads.

Would you believe it – you actually grow them from dried marrowfat peas?

simple living grow pea shoots simple living grow pea shoots

Suspending disbelief, I decided we had to give it a go. They cost 55p for 250g in Sainsburys (find them with the lentils and beans). After soaking them overnight on Saturday I got the kids to help prepare our first trays on Sunday morning.

Apparently in two weeks time I’ll have shoots to eat. I will keep you updated on that one!

simple living grow pea shoots

The weather was glorious again in the heatwave the UK is currently experiencing, so it was a very relaxed, sunny and happy couple of days for our simple living weekend.

What projects and plans do you have ready for the weekend ahead?

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