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Hello dear readers!

I wanted to give a quick update. I’ve communicated a bit on different channels of social media, etc, that for now and the next few weeks I’m not going writing very much.

As many of you know through my Minimalist Working Mom posts, last year I took a full time job outside of the home. Fall of 2016 my husband unexpectedly lost his job. I had been blogging and growing my professional organizing business, but it was not yet to the point to sustain our family alone and we were at a bit of a crossroads as far as what my husband would do next in regards to a career.

So, given our pretty dire situation, we both dived into hunting for a job, which thankfully I quickly found.

While I love blogging and was very much enjoying my clients, to be completely honest, I missed being on a team, being part of a bigger company. I’ve learned a lot about myself through the years and I thrive being on a team.

The whole entrepreneur movement going on in our communities and in our nation is phenomenal and I love it and enthusiastically support it.

Since that initial job that I accepted, I’ve since changed employment and feel like I’m finally right where I need to be. Currently, I’m studying for a licensing exam. I’m a few months in and am hoping to take it in the next couple of months.

Because I wholeheartedly believe the message I share here–to simplify your life so you can pursue what matters most— I have had to drastically reduce my commitments until this exam is over. While I’ve managed to write a few posts and have many ideas of others I want to write, I’ve had to put those on hold.

This is a season. A season of focusing on a career that I have unexpectedly found and love. I never thought I would be in the field that I’m in. Its a season of focusing on an exam. And its a season of very little blogging.

But this season will change and I hope to be able to jump back in to writing on a more regular basis. I have SO MANY thoughts to share.

Just a few to tease you with is to further explore being a minimalist working mom; anxiety, stress, and simplicity; parenting; professional attire capsule wardrobes; and continuing with decluttering/minimizing/simplifying tips.

So, while writing blog posts has been placed on the back burner, I’m still around occasionally on social media. I’ve recently been sharing more on Instagram stories so look for me there for simplifying tips and working mom hacks.

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