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I had been looking for almost a year to purchase a house, or even just land in the “old town” district of the town I live in. It’s the kind of area where property in any condition fly off the market. Most of them never even make on the market. My dream was to build a home for my kids and I. A “right-size home with a minimalist modern feel to it. Free of subdivision with rules that dictate what color your front door can be.

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Last year, I was fortunate to purchase a small plot of land with a small house on it. Unfortunately, the house was a tight squeeze for my kids and I. The thought of tearing down most of it, if not all made me cringe. All that waste going into the trash. And the cost to tear down walls or demo the entire thing….$$$$$$. Not cheap.

So I spent time looking for a way to give it to someone. There had to be someone who could use this house. After a couple months of calling around to local non-profits, I found a professional house mover. He said could use the house on his property for a nearby elderly couple to live in. It was just the right size for them.

So he started prepping the house to move. It was a fascinating process to watch and due to weather, it took months. Fortunately, I had the time.

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David, the professional house moving getting the house ready to be moved and my son manning the tractor.

The entire process took months. Winter hit and the weather held us back.

Untitled design 17
Lifting and turning it into position.

It was fun for my kids and I to watch it be driven right off the property and down the street.

Untitled design 18
Goodbye little house.
IMG 0039
Here is the house in it’s new home. Gosh I love happy endings.

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